Sunday, 4 October 2015

Charles III, Duke of Bourbon and some Mounted Crossbowmen

My plan original plan was to build a collection with a core that, with a few flag swaps, could pass for French, Imperial or one of the Italian states. Who better then as a general than Charles III, Duke of Bourbon who was Constable of France, played a prominent part at Marlignano then switched sides in 1523 and fought for the Imperialists at Pavia and finished up sacking Rome with an Imperialist army.

The figure for Charles is an old Asgard/TTG general on a Minifigs horse, accompanied by a current Minifigs (3rd generation) gendarme with a hand painted banner and a Minifigs 2nd generation bugler. I don't understand why some of the Minifigs 2nd generation figures were replaced as many - like this one - are much superior to the ones which replaced them. I had some varnishing problems and ended up with a slightly satin finish and too-thick varnish.

These were some Minifigs 2nd generation figures which I had had in the lead pile for a long time. They look a bit early to me but are nicely proportioned and moulded.

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