Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year

The New Year seems a good time for taking stock and looking forward.

I finally have 800 points worth of Italian Wars French finished and just about enough scenery to give a reasonable covering on my new table, however I was a bit surprised how few actual figures I have painted.

Whole French army January 1st, 2015

Progress in 2015:
  • Swiss Pike Keil -  12 bases of pikes and 2 of heavy weapons
  • Swiss Arquebusiers - 6 bases of light foot
  • Mounted commander - Louis de Tremoille
  • Camp with two tents, an ox cart, two men and a dog
  • 6x4 board in two sections to fit over the dining table
  • Various terrain area markers
  • Rough ground markers
  • Vineyard
  • Fields
  • A large house and a row of houses (not quite finished)
Still to do:
  • 4 bases of LH arquebus
  • 2 or 3 more generals
  • 2 x 6 bases of LF crossbow Adventurers
  • 6 bases of MF arquebus Italians
  • 2 bases of LF arquebus Landsknechts
  • 2 or 3 x 4 bases of Gendarmes - I would like to go for a more historically accurate look for these. I was given a big print of the Ashmolean's Battle of Pavia for my birthday - no barber's poles there but quite a few ideas of contemporary colour schemes for the tunics and horse barding.
  • 4 bases of Archers (Heavy Armoured Lancers)
  • 8 bases of Reiter (to give me 2 units of 6)
  • More buildings, including a church and walled enclosures (I hesitate to call them gardens) to go with them
  • Steep hills and a couple more low hills
  • A marsh, a lake, more terrain areas
  • A more distinctively renaissance vineyard
  • Markers for brush and maybe more for rough ground - also need to settle on a  standard stone colour as I have ended up with two completely non-matching set of rough ground markers.
  • Cohesion markers - I have a plan involving small MDF disks, the cohesion state written in Milliput and a suitable visual indication - I'm thinking discarded weapons / wounded figure / Khurusan's Renaissance death figure for the three levels.
  • Another Landsknecht Keil and another Swiss Keil - this may have to wait a while before I can face painting any more tiny stripes!
I should be busy for a while yet!

Added as an edit on 2nd Jan:

One thing which has amazed me since starting this blog is the variety of countries from which people have viewed it: UK, USA (no surprise in those two), New Zealand, Italy, France, Ireland, Germany, Australia, Afghanistan, Iceland, Belgium, Spain, Russia, Chile, South Africa, Argentina, Namibia, Japan... I guess one of the great things of the internet is that it provides a way for people with a niche area of interest to exchange ideas, wherever they live. So thank you everybody who has bothered to take a look, a particular thanks to those who have left comments, and if you do happen to read this, it would be great to hear what projects you are 'working' on, or interests you are pursuing, that caused you to pass by here.

Happy New Year


  1. Hi there, saw your vinyards in TMP, the Italian wars are my current interest, mine are in 28mm, but not as well painted as yours! Really nice blog I'll keep coming back
    Best Iain

  2. This is very nice work. It looks like you're building the entire list! But these units will work with many other lists, so you can act as almost any combatant.

  3. Thanks very much both.

    In the first instance, I'm trying to do enough figures for a few options at 900 pts. for both an early version with Adventuriers and Argoulets armed with crossbows and a later one with them armed with arquebus / carbines. The longer-term idea was always to be able to field a variety of early 16th C armies, hence the removable flags. I'm rather a slow painter though so it may take a while.