Thursday, 13 December 2018

Normandy Buildings.3.

Every Normandy village needs a church and Tiger Terrain make an excellent one. The package I bought came with an intact tower and optional ruined parts for extra flexibility. I see on the website the model has been updated and now comes with removable roofs and a detailed tiled floor though mine is the original version, open at the base and with integral roofs.

I used the same basic painting method as for the other buildings but also picked out a few individual stones with the splodge colours to break things up and make it look more interesting.

Finally, here are all these new buildings, plus a couple of older Hovels buildings that I had painted in brick colours. I don't like to see buildings just dropped down onto the plain playing surface so scenic bases for those buildings lacking them are certainly on my to do list but it might take a while for them to get to the top of it.

The Cromwells are from Skytrex with commander figures and the Humber Scout Car from Peter Pig, all painted as 2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry from 11th Armoured Division.

I still have one more Tiger Terrain building to paint and I'm very tempted by their Town Hall but I really need to make some progress with the lead pile and complete my other scenery projects before buying anything else. 


  1. An impressive collection! well-painted and growing nicely. Tiger Terrain buildings look very good.


    1. Thanks very much, lots still waiting in the painting pile.

      I can't recommend TigerTerrain highly enough: excellent design, quality and attention to detail - by far the best resin terrain I've ever seen.