Saturday, 16 March 2019

Equites Promoti Seniori

This unit of Illyrian  cavalry was (again) supposed to be a quick rebase and paint a couple of extra figures and be done but it soon grew into something much more time consuming.

I already had 6 of the old Asgard/TTG figures painted from before so I thought: 'light cavalry and 4 bases, 2 more figures to paint and I'm done. No. Under Mortem et Gloriam they are classed as flexible so I would need 2 bases of 3 and 2 bases of 2 in order to represent their ability to change formation between loose and skirmish order. Next, I found that two figures had lead rot, one of them quite bad so they were a complete strip, cut out the corrosion and clean so 2 figures to paint became 6.

Oddly the Promoti light cavalry figure has disappeared from the range and isn't shown on the Alternative Armies website. Luckily, I already had 7 figures - as long as I could salvage the two with lead rot - so with an officer, vexillum bearer modified as a draconarius and a Minifigs trumpter, I would have the necessary 10.

Just as I finished painting those, I was reliably advised that units of 4 bases are too fragile in MeG and 6 was much better so I would need another 6 cavalrymen. I'd actually ordered some more figures from Alternative Armies, including some LRC7 armoured cavalry with spear. Although these have a larger, oval shield rather than the small round shield of the Promoti, I thought I could file them down to about the same size as the light cavalrymen and I thought the different figure would bring some much needed variety and the mail armour would fit well with the idea that these were flexibles that could be equally at home closing up for a charge as they were skirmishing. 

When the figures actually arrived, I was surprised to find the armoured cavalry with spear that I'd ordered actually included one un-armoured Promoti - so the mould has survived after all, even if it isn't listed.

As usual I was replacing the moulded on lead spears with (Ø 0.7 mm) brass rod so having the same weapons tied these different figures together. I wanted to reflect that they were classed as armed with short spear and javelins so I also made some javelins from Ø 0.5mm brass to be held behind their shields - I'll make javelin quivers for the next units. 

Asgard (Alternative Armies) Late Roman Promoti light cavalryman mounted on  a Minifigs horse from my spares box - i should probably have modified the harness to better match the others.

Asgard (Alternative Armies) LRC7 Late Roman heavy cavalryman with spear modified with the shield filed down to a circle and mounted on an Asgard light cavalry horse. 

Asgard (Alternative Armies) standard bearer modified to carry a draco and mounted on a Minifigs horse. The biggest compromise is this unit was accepting a mix of galloping and walking horses in order to get some variety. I hate to see units with every horse marching in perfect step and, whilst the walking - galloping mix is just as unlikely, it least it isn't so obvious at normal viewing distances.

Minifigs Roman trumpeter mounted on an Asgard horse.


  1. Oh these are great! I wouldn't worry about the galloping and walking, they're both moving forward, I've just posted a unit of great Italian wars mounted crossbow men most of them are stationary but the flag bearer is an old glory rider on a dynamic horse but even in 28mm the overall effect is fine I think. The mix of horse harness is also surely fine for Late Romans when the supply chains often weren't functioning fully,so a little lack of uniformity is surely acceptable! Lovely finish on all of them!
    Best Iain