Tuesday, 7 March 2023

More Late Roman skirmishing bowmen - Sagittarii Venatores expanded to 9 bases.


Back in September 2020, I completed a unit of Late Roman skirmishing bowment, the Sagittarii Venatores. https://smallitalianwars.blogspot.com/2020/09/late-roman-skirmishing-bowmen.html At that time I only painted 12 figures for 6 bases but Mortem et Gloriam has skirmishers deployed 3 bases deep and 6 is rather a small unit so I have found myself borrowing figures for each game to make up the numbers to 9 bases. 

As a break from Khaki and Field Grey, I've painted 6 more figures to complete the unit. At some point I'll probably do a couple more bases of horse archers, for the same reason. 


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    1. Thanks Cyrus. Painting the extra 6 made a pleasant change from all my recent WW2 stuff but it was surprisingly hard to get the style to match reasonably with the earlier ones.

  2. The paint jobs are great they make these older figures really pop, I had had to look at them again just to convince myself they were Minifigs. I se from the post that you also play MeG - have you done a post with your assesment of the rules?

    1. Thank you Rob. I think they are a bit of a blank canvas so, as long as you have a nice colour palette (and mine is copied shamelessly from some very good painters) they can look good. To a degree the lack of details helps as it avoids them being too cluttered and you can get more differentiation just from the paint.

      That said, when I've worked my way through the current mountain of khaki and field grey, I'm promising myself a colourful army using really nice, state of the art models!

      I've only played a few games of MeG and don't feel remotely qualified to give much of an opinion beyond that I've enjoyed it so far. I guess I'm more of a collector and painter than I am a gamer.

  3. Would you be willing to share the paint scheme for the basing? It seems to convey just the right level and strength of green and yet I guess it would blend with the table very nicely.

    1. Hi Jude.

      After filling in around the figure bases, I paint the base with slightly dilute PVA, add a few small bits of rock and rounded sand grains (around 1mm) then sprinkle with fine sand.

      Originally I used Humbrol dark earth as the base colour but I wanted to use the same mix for scenery and that would have been rather expensive so I bought a big tub of discontinued brown emulsion from B&Q and now use that. The colour isn't much like the Humbrol but that doesn't seem to matter much to the final look.

      Dry brush acrylic yellow ochre, fairly heavily then lightly with yellow ochre + white. Finally I add some pale olive green around the base - a match pot of emulsion. Around the edges, I try to get an effect of vertical streaks rather than a simple dry-brushing.

      The larger rocks are Vallejo London Grey then dry-brushed with pale grey. No logic to this but it makes them stand out nicely.

      The tufts are MiniNature 737-22 and the static grass is "Spring Meadow Flock" from Kallistra.