Monday, 4 May 2015


I wanted a big keil, for FOG-R, with 12 bases of pikes and 2 of heavy weapons. I already had 32 pikemen painted (to varying standards, none too good) - a mix of three old Minifigs figures and an Asgard / TTG unarmoured pikeman and had some more unpainted but I wanted more variety for the pikes, some heavy weapons and musicians.

I bought some current Minifigs armoured pikemen to give more variety to the front rank and some Freikorps figures from QRF. The Freikorps figures mixed in really well and had good detail but some of the officers and halberdiers had very spindly weapons (probably accurate scale diameter, rather than the stubby telephone poles that most figures clutch) which had gaps in the casting. I made replacements for these with brass wire and solder. I also replaced all the cast pikes with brass wire.

I stripped and repainted the worst of the original figures but just tidied up the others. I had a lot of trouble varnishing these figures and it ended up with too thick, obscuring the detail and with a rather satin finish.


  1. I would love to see some in progress shots or how you go about painting them.

    1. Hello Eric. Thanks for taking the trouble to comment.

      I'll try to remember to include some work in progress painting pictures for the next ones but it is mostly just the standard 3-colour method of shadow, mid tone and hi-light over a black undercoat.

      I sometimes do a mid tone and a dark wash then refresh the mid tone then hi-light, especially for brown horses. Armour is dry brushed gunmetal then steel with any lost shadows put back in before a final hi-light.

      Paints are mostly Vallejo and I use a 000 Windsor and Newton Series 7 brush for details. I have a work lamp with a daylight tube and desk magnifying glass to see the small details.