Monday, 2 November 2015

15mm Gendarmes - size comparison

Vexilla asked for a size comparison photo of my Gendarmes so it is:

From left to right: old Minifigs gendarme on own horse; Essex; TTG / Altuos Pensioner; TTG / Altuos French Gendarme; old Minifigs Archer on modified current Minifigs 15th C horse; current Minifigs French gendarme on own horse
I think the Minifigs and TTG figures mix and match quite well but the Essex figures are a bit too big and much too bulky to use in the same unit or swap riders and horses though they look OK on the table together.

I also took some photos and measurements of the horses and riders separately.

I measured the riders from foot to visor slit with a vernier. There is probably some variation in how the helmets are sculpted but this was the best measurement I could think of. From left to right:

  • Current Minifigs French Gendarme 15.0 mm
  • Old Minifigs French Gendarme 15.8
  • Old Minifigs French Archer 15.5
  • TTG/Altuos Pensioner 15.5
  • TTG/Altuos French Gendarme 15.9
  • Current Minifigs Officer 15.5
  • New Minifigs French Gendarme 15.0
  • Essex 17.4
  • Venexia 16.7

For the horses, I measured body length and height from the top of the base to the top of the saddle. Again, from left to right:
  • Old Minifigs Gendarme's horse. h 13.3, l 16.6 mm
  • Minifigs 15th C barded horse modified with Miliput to make the barding more 16th C style. h 12.8 l 16.5
  • Current Minifigs French Gendarme's horse. h13.7 l 16.9
  • TTG/Altuos. h 13.3 l 16.5
  • Venexia h 14.7 l 18.0
  • Essex h 13.0 l 18.0 (I had filed a lot off the saddle because otherwise the rider, which was rather long in the body and short-legged, sat way too high.)
There is a definite gap in the market for a good set of early 16th C French gendarmes and barded and unbranded horse, with a variety poses and actually looking like the contemporary illustrations. 

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  1. Much appreciated and the measurements are a great idea.