Friday, 22 July 2016

Good news for Venexia fans!

In the gap between me stopping collecting and painting 16th C war-games figures, Venexia came onto the market and disappeared from it. Whilst I have managed to buy a few of these fantastically detailed figures second hand, it has been very frustrating to think of what might have been.

The master figures were bought by Sgt Major Miniatures in the USA and there has been a lot of speculation and anticipation about when and whether they would be brought back into production.

A few weeks ago I wrote to them asking and have just had a very welcome and encouraging reply:

Subject: Venezia Italian Wars range 
Sorry for the delay, I have been having some issues with the web site eating messages, and failing to alert me as they come in, cleaning up many old messages this morning... 
I am slowly working on getting the line back into production.  I have issues with the master figures they supplied when I bought the company, they melt in the mold maker, I think they must have some solder or something in the metal, its completely ridiculous! Anyway, the process to fix this is incredibly slow unfortunately.  I have gotten the Ottomans back into production, and the Italian Wars should be back in the next couple of months.  The Louis line is currently being re-done, and the rest of the lines will follow that.  Its been 4 years since I bought this line, and I want it back in production as much as everyone else, probably more, I haven't been able to make any sort of return on my investment thus far...  
Sincerely,Sgt Major Miniatures

Good news - the wait should soon be over and I'll be at the front of the queue for some gendarmes!


  1. You will be at front of queue just behind me! I too was one of those who emailed Sgt Major miniatures lamenting the loss of the Italian wars range, and have received the same very welcome email, looks like Andy has had a bad time with the masters. I to loved those figures back in there production days and remember wishing they were in 28mm, then when i switched to 15s and looked them up i was shocked to find that Venexia no longer existed. I will not get too excited, as you say there has been much speculation and talk in the past that they will be available only for things to go quite again, but with Sgt Major sending these emails in person i think perhaps this time we are in luck!

  2. I bet you are glad now that you didn't succumb to the bidding frenzy on eBay a few weeks ago for those Venexia figures. I certainly am!

    1. Indeed , but if he really does bring these back onto the market, i will succumb to a buying frenzy!